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Design - Art - Decoration - Construction

Projectes i obres JCA is always in constant evolution. Our experience enables us to coordinate a team where you can find the best professionals of our sector: architects, interior designers, construction materials stores, plumbers and electricians. We bring projects with design, art, construction and uniqueness.

Projectes i obres

Projectes i obres JCA is a company devoted to the high quality construction, either simple refurbishing or building and renovating houses in Mallorca. Our way of understanding construction is linked to history: the company was born in a family that has been working the Majorcan art of construction from generation to generation till today. This experience leads us to appreciate the use of natural materials in our projects, such as stone, marble, mud and wood. We also offer renovating and refurbishing homes with love and care, considering the tradition but also the advantages of the most modern techniques. The company works to achieve the best possible results, listening to the client desires and advising him to obtain a balance between his needs, a proper budget and the perfect finish.